IMGL3774Joshua Matulessy a.k.a JFlow (@jflowrighthere) is now hitting the dance floor! His first two albums, Facing Your Giants (2008) and DreamBrave (2011) took him from the underground hiphop scene to the mainstream platform. Rockin stages everywhere and getting the well earned attention and praises were his reward for being consistent with his music.

Having the unique blend of cross genres of music making him a musician of his own style. His album speaks for itself, the sounds and arrangements are fresh and nowhere else to be found.

Started his solo career in 2005, he began making a name for himself by getting his songs played in radios. Released an underground mini album in 2007 and been getting good response eversince.

Java Jazz 2008 was his 1st biggest stage, followed by Soulnation Fest and Java Jazz 2009. Today JFLOW is known as a musician with something fresh to offer, a real Indonesian music breakthrough.

Now he’s ready taking it to the next level, an EDM-Hiphop album with an international aim and flavoring Indonesian culture is in the making. Working with, among others, the industry’s most prominent player, the award winning dance producer of the year 2011/2012, DJ Osvaldo, its bigger, better, brighter, faster and louder than ever.

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He also the founder and a part of E.F.A. Project as a Singer.

E.F.A. Project

E.F.A. Project is a project that is built up with the name “Everyone for Ambon” that begin to unify the voice for victims of natural disasters in Ambon. However, due to the increasing number of musicians who joined the project and not only from Ambon, the E.F.A. go to further expand contribution throughout Indonesia with the name of “EVERYONE FOR ALL”

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